"quod sentimus loquamur, quod loquimur sentiamus"

(say what you mean, mean what you say)


Our Vision

Our vision is a professional and devoted approach to the marine cargo claims handling process, in which we are passionately striving for excellence in order to satisfy the marine cargo insurers' needs with services of high quality at an affordable, reasonable, and fair price. The relationship between the high quality and the cost effectiveness of the services is the guiding principle of our business. The roots of our vision are our profound understanding of the marine cargo insurers' needs, our technical expertise and extensive experience in the marine insurance claims field, and our most precious value called honesty.

Mission Statement

We do our best to provide marine cargo claims management services to insurers by putting the quality of services first. We ensure the quality of our services through diligence, ability, and competence, and we value our clients through cost effectiveness, reliability, loyalty, and truthfulness.

The high quality and the affordable, reasonable, and fair pricing of our services, as well as the satisfaction and positive results of our clients are our most important goals and we pledge allegiance to our mission in order to achieve these goals.

Doru Mihailescu, Founder

San Francisco Portland