We deliver peace of mind to insurers

Marine cargo insurers need experienced and truthful eyes and ears where and when the claims arise, where the information must be properly and quickly collected, and where the primary analysis of the cases must take place. They also need a trustworthy buffer between themselves and claimants, which should attenuate problems or ease difficult situations and deliver peace of mind to them and calm to claimants. Finally, marine cargo insurers need a voice close to the location of the claims, which should provide them with adequate protection of their interests from the inception to the conclusion of the claims and with effective feedback regarding the development of the claims, and which should provide the claimants with professional advice for compliance with their obligations under the covering insurance policies. We believe that the complete satisfaction of these extremely important needs of marine cargo insurers is the key element in their successful handling of claims, and our company was born of these needs at a busy and challenging location of the world.

New York, November 1997